From Data to Powerful Insights. Drive Mobile Roaming Revenue with Big Data Analytics

"GlobalView helped us address unknown issues and provide a better level of support to our premium subscribers. It helped us analyse and identify usage patterns and to timely address geographical and application-specific silent roamers, which is vital." CSL

PCCW Global supports mobile operators by giving them access to crucial insights about their subscribers, including detailed usage patterns, helping them to open up new business opportunities.

As LTE roaming drives growth in both operator data revenues and OTT usage, mobile operators are entering into a critical period. Roaming revenues have been in decline since the first price caps came into force in 2007 and even though traffic has grown moderately since then, this growth has not compensated for the price cuts.

Many mobile operators are introducing innovative pricing and roaming plans but they are unable to measure their effectiveness. With more detailed information and analytics operators are able understand the usage and spending patterns of their customers and have a unique and greater opportunity to target customers with more competitive and better quality services. We believe that IPX operators will all have to adopt these types of services in the coming years to remain competitive.

GlobalView is a real-time, cloud-based analytics and reporting tool for international roaming services, applying big data technology and delivered via PCCW Global’s IPX network. Through its comprehensive network reporting and application layers for each roaming or voice protocol, GlobalView helps operators design new targeted marketing plans, enables proactive support and improves the use of international services.
Our position as an IPX provider sitting in between mobile operators provides us with the unique ability to offer this service.

Descriptive and diagnostic analytics to tap into new opportunities

By adopting attractive, transparent and predictable roaming price bundles, mobile operators can tap into sizeable new consumer markets. A good example is the so called ‘silent roamers’. Most leisure travellers switch off their phones the moment they leave their country to avoid punitive roaming charges. With GlobalView, mobile operators can identify these silent roamers and initiate a marketing campaign, such as an SMS promotion to offer travellers roaming at a lower cost. This can help mobile operators to drive profits by optimising their network and offering alternative services.

Crucial information about mobile subscribers

Today the GlobalView platform is sitting on the most powerful tools in the big data technology arsenal - NoSQL database, which stores 3 billion records captured from 6 different sources of data via real-time and processing of 2 million records an hour. GlobalView achieves 100% uptime enabling organizations to react, diagnose and troubleshoot more accurately by viewing a single form of data in matter of seconds.

Additionally, GlobalView processes records using scalable mediation programs, customized to process each data source. PCCW Global supports operators by giving them access to this crucial subscriber information enabling them to deliver an enhanced customer experience and open up new business opportunities.