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According to GSMA Intelligence, the mobile market in Africa continues outpace the rest of the world, with the number of unique mobile subscribers growing at an average of 13% over the past five years.

However, 635 million people remain unconnected, that’s just over 50% of the population who still do not subscribe to mobile services.

Given the low availability of fixed line access in Africa, mobile is the principal way most people get online. That’s why 50% of mobile subscribers are also internet subscribers.  This is a huge leap up from 26% in 2010, driven largely by higher speed networks delivering digital solutions to African companies and the proliferation of smart phones. This is expected to increase to 75% by 2020 but right now only a quarter of Africans (303 million people) subscribe to the mobile internet.

And this will be a good thing because we know that increasing access to the internet leads to socio-economic benefits. Due to the transformational effects it can have on sectors like retail, agriculture, education and healthcare, McKinsey estimates that by 2025 the internet will account for up to $300b of Africa’s annual GDP.

To meet these growing demands for fast reliable bandwidth, PCCW Global has accelerated its rollout, providing solutions that include the establishment of a pan-African IPX network. This allows VoIPX, which reduces voice and data costs and improves service quality.

PCCW Global is proud to work with our local partners and have developed strong and lasting relationships. Our access to next-generation technology through the leveraging of our global operations in Hong Kong has enabled us to pioneer in new Sub-Saharan African markets developments such as LTE roaming, OTT TV, security-as-a-service and smart cities.

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