PCCW Global and other carriers united at ITW on combating global Cyber attacks


PCCW Global and other carriers united at ITW on combating global Cyber attacks

PCCW Global’s CMO, Mike van den Bergh, participated in a panel discussion on cybersecurity at the International Telecoms Week event in Chicago recently. He was joined by several CEOs and leaders in the communications industry in exploring ways of defending the carriers and networks against the increasing risk of cyber threats.

All the panellists agreed that these cyber attacks pose a major problem globally and must be addressed in a well-organised manner and with the concerted effort of all carriers if the fight is to be successful. Carriers need to develop a strategy before the attacks become too sophisticated and numerous to overcome, thus ensuring maximum efficiency for the whole industry.
Mike van den Bergh highlighted the fact that carriers are highly interconnected and must use this strength to share crucial information quickly across the industry. As operators, they are best placed to protect their networks by providing relevant services and protection.

Key takeaways from the panel on cybersecurity
• Security is an essential part of the communications business
• Carriers must prepare and adapt their service offerings for the future
• Carriers need to be committed to working together in the pursuit of effective cybersecurity
• Collaborative, joint action is key to secure, protect and fortify networks against attacks
• Regulation of cyber protection efforts needs to be addressed for future implementation and monitoring
• Tackle basic issues around security, like authentic routing information and DNS.

PCCW Global is committed to collaborate and work with industry leaders to combat cybercrime. We offer a broad range of security services and deploy advanced threat intelligence and management capabilities, collecting intelligence from our global service footprint combined with multiple threat feeds from across many sectors.