How Tap&Go works

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How Tap&Go works

Through a simple registration process using the Tap&Go iOS or Android apps, users access Tap&Go’s feature-laden personal financial management tool which is fully compliant with international financial standards.
The Tap&Go full-feature service platform can operate using either an all-in-one SIM located in an NFC enabled phone or via an NFC card, or both. Users can load “Cash-In” via a direct transfer from their bank account or credit card (subject to local banking regulations) or via cash deposits made via local cash-in locations, of which there are over 3000 in Hong Kong alone.

To make payments, users can pay via POS devices, QR codes (user and merchant), in-app and online transactions. For money transfers, Tap&Go supports crowd-sourcing, peer-to-peer money transfer and traditional primary / subsidiary card relationships.

With regard to security, Tap&Go Mobile Wallet users receive instant transaction notifications and can view real-time transaction histories. Demonstrating unparalleled security and flexibility, Tap&Go allows users to activate or deactivate the use of online and offline purchases anytime and on demand.
Developing beyond the traditional mobile payment platform offerings reinforces Tap&Go’s position as a platform for everything electronic (“e”) – e-commerce, e-security, e-education, e-transportation, e-finance – all key tenets of Smart Cities everywhere.

Tap&Go is a cloud based solution which utilises SIM-based authentication and NFC technologies to deliver secure mobile financial services. This architecture and flexible approach enables telecoms operators to leverage their existing facilities, local knowledge, distribution channels and subscriber base to deliver new higher ARPU services to their customers, thereby growing their overall business and arresting revenue and margin decline.
Tap&Go represents a new and strong revenue generator for the telecoms industry and/or operator. It complements airtime sales and broader payment solutions. Operators can easily achieve significant cost savings by simply routing the payment of bills and sales of airtime through their white-labelled Tap&Go platform.

In addition to these direct benefits; Tap&Go (debit card model) enables the operator to reach and provide services to the currently ‘un-bankable’ segment of the market, by allowing them to provide highly cost-effective digital financial services to migrant workers, kids and young adults who are not eligible to apply for credit cards. These market segments represent future customers for telecom products, and this approach provides an opportunity for the operator to gain early and positive brand exposure within this market.

Finally Tap&Go helps operators to both feed into and fully benefit from their big data analytics initiatives by providing them with access to new and insightful data sources. Supplementary data from Tap&Go helps generate more accurate market information.

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