PCCW Global Global Media Video Platform provides enterprises with a cost-effective, quick to market solution for white-label OTT video services. The platform can be supported by the end-to-end management services that leverage our vast experience in media.

Global Media Transport

PCCW Global inherits over 40 years of experience in video broadcasting. Our experienced team, coupled with an integrated global satellite and fibre infrastructure makes us a trusted partner for international broadcasters and enterprises.

Integrated Fibre and Satellite

Our International Television Centre (ITC) supports a state-of-art integrated fibre and satellite contribution and distribution network. Our extensive satellite footprint, coupled with a fibre-based Global Television Network (GTVN) enables broadcasters to deliver high quality live events or linear channels.

Owned Infrastructure

We own infrastructure around the globe to support our broadcast services, providing us with greater control over quality of service. We support ad-hoc occasional use, short-term and full-time video distribution services as well as providing managed video equipment on the customers’ premises.

Reliable Broadcast Solutions

We have made a 99.999% commitment on service availability and have proven our ability to deliver video content globally for more than four decades.

Global Media Transcoding

Global Media Transcoding is a highly scalable cloud-based live and file transcoding platform based on advanced compression algorithms that help to build a differentiated OTT video service for a wider addressable market.

Superior Transcoding Quality at Very Low Bitrate

The advanced compression algorithm of Global Media Transcoding sets us apart from most of the other solutions by providing around 30% savings in bitrate. This translates to better video quality under limited network bandwidth or higher video quality with the same network bandwidth. It is a critical competitive advantage that helps improve the overall user experience and broaden the addressable market for media services.

Complete Transcoding Service

Global Media Transcoding supports transcoding of linear channels, live events and file-based content.

Cloud-based Platform. Pay-as-you-go

Global Media Transcoding is based on a cloud-based platform with a pay-as-you-go model allowing you to scale easily to meet your transcoding demand.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

PCCW Global’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers the performance you need to deliver high quality video across your web presence and improve user loyalty, enhance brand perception and increase revenues.

Delivering Rich Media

PCCW Global manages the delivery of your rich media and digital content optimised for the fastest possible load times regardless of user location. If your site has a library of video, music, software, Flash files or eCommerce applications, you can benefit from optimised site performance. CDN from PCCW Global delivers consistent and multi-country distribution including mainland China.

A Complete Solution

Our CDN services deliver your content around the globe with optimised performance for your end users, capturing audiences and creating stickiness.

Our CDN solution includes a tailored service combined with security features including token authentication and geo-blocking, as well as reporting and analytics. We offer a CDN service that is fast, secure and transparent.

Global Media OTT Video Management

Global Media OTT Video Management is a cloud-based platform enabling content providers to offer their own white-labelled OTT video services with significantly reduced time-to-market. The highly customisable platform together with the real-time user analytics enables service providers to tailor video services to meet the needs of their specific markets.

Flexible Content Monetisation Models

The platform supports flexible monetisation models such as transactional / subscription VOD, channels, catch-up TV and advertising-based models. It also supports targeted promotions based on customer segmentation and enables global sales with multiple currencies.

Customisable End-to-End Solution

The platform is highly customisable allowing content providers to white-label the user interface. The customisation also covers the media catalogue, micro-targeted offers and promotions with versatile payment gateway options.

Personalised User Experience

The platform makes it easy to deliver an engaging user experience through personalised content recommendation, targeted advertising and social media integration.

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