Covering more than 150 countries, our advanced global network supports a portfolio of intelligent network solutions for your employees, customers and systems.

International Managed Bandwidth

Our International Managed Bandwidth Service delivers voice, video and data with dedicated end-to-end management. This means you can trust it to be secure and reliable.

Real-Time and Mission-Critical

Our IMBS provides a dedicated pure Layer 1 international data bandwidth, for delivering real-time and mission-critical applications.

Built to Deliver

Our network has a significant number of circuit bearers and multiple diverse PoPs in key countries and cities, enabling us to reroute traffic and avoid a single point of failure. We also offer cross-border connections for every network topology and bandwidth.

Security and Reliability

With end-to-end management, we keep your communications secure and deliver up to 100% service availability around the world. We offer protected, unprotected and premium protection services to meet the needs of your organisation.

Download our International Managed Bandwidth Factsheet here.

Global Internet Access

PCCW Global is the one-stop shop for reliable and cost-effective connectivity. We enable enterprises to access mission-critical applications over the Internet.

Trusted the world over

We offer enterprises a terabit, single AS global IPv4/IPv6 backbone (AS3491) so that they can deliver voice, video and applications over IP. We carry more than 1.5 terabit of customer traffic globally.

One of the largest IP Gateways to China

We have extensive infrastructure in Asia and Africa. Through relationships with operators and ISPs, we have more than 200G private peering in mainland China.

Quality Peering

We only private peer with major carriers / ISPs / ICPs to ensure good latency performance.

Globally Diverse IP Backbone

Enterprises trust PCCW Global because of our unparalleled network resilience and diversified backbone which connects 107 on-net PoPs.

Our IP network supports a portfolio of IP VPN network services and provides an ideal foundation for the transport of mission-critical business applications.

Download our Global Internet Access factsheet here.

VPN Services

Connect your business wherever you are, via one of the largest private global IP networks.

Our IP network supports a portfolio of IP VPN network services and provides an ideal foundation for the transport of mission-critical business applications.

Our range of fully managed network services include hardware, configuration and ongoing management, allowing you to focus IT resources on your core business.

We also offer a range of communications solutions to work with your integrated MPLS VPN platform.


MPLS VPN is a single converged platform for all your advanced communications services.

Managed Router

We offer full management of WAN network routers.

WAN Optimisation

WAN Optimisation means fast, reliable LAN-like performance for application delivery or data back-up across the WAN.


Colocation means secure, carrier grade facilities to house and protect your technology infrastructure and data.

Firewall Service

A hosted and Managed Firewall is provided for a high level of security and hassle-free management. Download our VPN Services factsheet here.

Global Ethernet

Our Ethernet solutions are available in over 90 countries, supporting your customer’s international requirements.

Scalable Transport Technology

We offer switched and dedicated services for scalable, long haul connectivity.

Architected for your needs

Our switched Ethernet architecture is Ethernet over MPLS, while our dedicated service supports Sonet, SDH and DWDM. We deliver a standards-based IEEE Ethernet service for Layer 2 transport.

Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint

PCCW Global’s Ethernet solutions enable the extension of LAN infrastructure for WAN connectivity. Rates start at 2Mbps ranging up to 10Gbps. We offer point-to-point (E-LINE), point to multipoint (E-TREE) and multipoint-to-multipoint (E-LAN) services.


Our Ethernet services offer the highest level of security and manageability making it a long-term solution for capacity needs.

Control your Bandwidth

We offer a flexible subscription from 2M to 1,000Mbps, as well as a scalable upgrade path of 2M, 5M, 10M and 100Mbps per step. Download our Global Ethernet factsheet here.

Content Delivery Network

Our CDN drives user loyalty and enhances brand perception.

We route your content globally, quickly and efficiently with a network that ensures the best user experience for your customers.

Delivering Rich Media

We manage the delivery of your rich media and digital content optimised for fast load times. CDN from PCCW Global delivers consistent distribution.

A Complete Solution

Our CDN services accelerate the delivery of basic content while giving users smooth access to large website elements. They are tailored to combine security, reporting and analytics.

Global Super PoPs

PCCW Global has super POPs at 22 strategic global locations near primary Internet exchange points, with massive computing and caching power, guaranteeing the performance of our CDN.

Strategically Located

Our Tier 1 global network spans five continents. We have edge servers placed in strategic locations to decrease the load on interconnects, public peers, private peers and backbones.

Built to Deliver

PCCW Global’s CDN is present in 42 locations, with an operations teams ready to deliver the services you need. We have planned for performance, and this is reflected in the QoS we offer.

Download our CDN factsheet here.

Satellite Services

We operate one of the largest satellite networks, stretching over 100 countries. Our satellite footprint delivers communications services in hard-to-reach markets without compromising quality.

Our satellite services deliver two-way transmission and provide worldwide coverage with interconnections to PCCW Global’s high-speed terrestrial backbone. We have satellite capacity of over 1GHz across 65+ satellites.

International organisations benefit from the flexibility and reach of satellite services, combined with global terrestrial infrastructure. That means high-quality communications wherever you operate.

VSAT Services

Easy to deploy and quick to connect, VSAT services are a cost-effective way to link multiple sites via satellite.

Mobile Satellite Services

Easy to deploy and quick to connect, VSAT services are a cost-effective way to link multiple sites via satellite.

Global Media Transportation Services

PCCW Global inherited over 40 years of experience delivering video content in real-time and on-demand for international broadcasters and service providers. Download our Satellite Services factsheet here.


Simplify multi-site WAN deployment and management with an application aware, secure network, that is continually optimised for performance and cost. Managed SD-WAN delvers a secure overlay, optimising traffic across all types of network connections (IP-MPLS, Broadband, Ethernet and 4G LTE) to meet pre-defined network and performance policies.

Improved performance and cost

Dual edge devices, distributed gateways and multiple connectivity options mean reduced downtime. The service is continually optimised for performance and cost and leverages cheaper broadband connectivity over Internet and 4G LTE connections.

Quick to deploy

PCCW Global’s SD-WAN is transport agnostic, so enterprises are able to make use of existing PCCW Global MPLS network, or any other connectivity made available from another service provider. The service is quick to deploy with zero touch provisioning.

Simplified Operations

A centralised management portal provides customers with advanced visibility and control of their WAN traffic, including configuration, reporting and trouble-shooting capabilities.

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