Covering over 140 countries, our advanced global network supports a portfolio of network solutions, designed to connect you and your customers across the globe, and help you expand into new markets.


Our Fibre services leverage one of the most resilient global submarine networks to provide a secure and reliable connection.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

PCCW Global’s IPLC Service delivers secure and reliable voice, video and data with dedicated end-to-end management.

Real-Time and Mission-Critical

We include data, voice and video applications in Real-Time and Mission-Critical for our pure Layer 1 international bandwidth.

Built to Deliver

With circuit bearers and multiple diverse PoPs in key cities we’re able to reroute traffic to avoid disruption.

Security and Reliability

With end-to-end management, we deliver up to 100% service level commitment globally, to keep your connections secure.

Seamless and Integrated

We offer a flexible range of bandwidth and interface options for seamless integration, including cross-border connections.

Guaranteed to Deliver

We offer up to 100% service availability and guarantee delivery on time or before, with the support of our global experts.

Tier 1 Global Network

Tier 1 Global network connects you with over 140 countries, giving you the access you need.

Download our International Private Lease Circuit factsheet here

Global Ethernet

Use the simplicity and interoperability of Ethernet to expand your international reach and support your customer’s international business requirements. Our Ethernet solutions enable the extension of LAN infrastructure for WAN connectivity with rates starting at 2Mbps ranging up to 10Gbps available in major cities in over 90 countries across the world.

Highly Scalable Transport Technology

Offering both switched and dedicated services for highly scalable long haul connectivity, our Ethernet solutions combine the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with Next Generation global transport technology.

Architected to Meet Your Needs

Our switched Ethernet architecture is Ethernet over MPLS, while our dedicated service supports Sonet, SDH and DWDM. We deliver a standards-based IEEE Ethernet service for Layer 2 transport.

Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint

PCCW Global’s Ethernet solutions enable the extension of LAN infrastructure for WAN connectivity, by offering point-to-point (E-LINE), point to multipoint (E-TREE) and multipoint-to-multipoint (E-LAN) services to extend your reach around the globe.

Download our Global Ethernet factsheet here

Internet Protocol

We are one of the top IP providers and proud to operate one of largest private global IP backbones. Our reliable and cost-effective IP solutions are selected by leading communications service providers to extend global IP VPN coverage and deliver mission-critical business applications to their customers over the Internet with complete confidence.

IP Transit

Our carrier-grade IP Transit Service offers telecoms operators, Internet Service Providers and content players reliable and cost effective connectivity, enabling their customers to access mission-critical applications over the Internet.


Communications Service Providers around the globe use PCCW Global’s MPLS VPN Service as a trusted way to deliver secure business applications for their customers on a fast, resilient, private network.


Our Colocation Service offers secure, carrier grade infrastructure, 24/7/365 security access, strict control on environment factors, redundant power supply and carrier neutral access.

Satellite Services

We operate one of the largest satellite networks, stretching over 100 countries, delivering communications services in hard-to-reach markets.

Our satellite services deliver two-way transmission and provide interconnections to PCCW Global’s high-speed terrestrial backbone. Communications providers benefit from the flexibility and reach of satellite services combined with global terrestrial infrastructure. That means the highest quality communications wherever you operate.

VSAT Services

Easy to deploy and quick to connect, VSAT Services are cost-effective way to link multiple sites via satellite.

Cellular Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul is a highly efficient satellite-based service that supplements an operator’s terrestrial backhaul infrastructure. On the contrary, deployment of optical fibre or microwave networks would not be viable.

Internet Trunking

Internet Trunking provides Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a high speed, reliable satellite connection to support their Internet backbone.

Global Media Transportation Services

Our Media Transport Service combines our fiber Global Television Network with worldwide satellite operations and 30 years of inherited experience in video broadcasting.

Download our Satellite Services factsheet here

IP eXchange (IPX)

IP eXchange is a next-generation platform, built to support the future needs of fixed and mobile Service Providers. It enables guaranteed, secure end-to-end delivery of voice and mobile data services, offering Service Providers improved efficiency and service quality.

Extensive On-net Coverage

Ranked among the top 10 Internet Service Providers globally, we’re connecting over 140 countries and more than 3,000 cities. With the largest number of international VoIPX direct destinations, voice traffic is carried over a private, secure IP network.

Secure and Reliable

The custom designed IPX compliant network and voice platform, coupled with fully diversified design of the private MPLS/IP network, ensures our customers a secure, high-quality, direct connections to our IPX voice platform.`

Driving Innovation

As active members of the GSMA Forum and I3 Forum we’re helping to shape the future of IPX, by offering High Definition Video Conferencing and point-to-point HD Video Calls (switched HDVC) over IPX.

Download IPX moves beyond theory to become a new market reality here.

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