Cyber attacks proliferate globally at unprecedented rates. PCCW Global offers its Crypteia security services portfolio customised to your clients’ needs, and are designed to help safeguard their most critical data from compromise.

Crypteia Managed Firewall Service

PCCW Global provides two firewall offerings as components of our security services portfolio – Hosted and Managed. Both services include firewall rental, installation, configuration, hardware maintenance and 24/7 monitoring.

Crypteia Cloud Firewall Service

PCCW Global’s Crypteia Cloud Firewall Service is a cloud-based subscription firewall service with network-based deployment. It allows MPLS customers to safely access the Internet while protected by a tier 1 firewall. We configure the security policy based on your clients’ unique business needs. HFW is available for customers who subscribe to our MPLS VPN Service.

Crypteia Managed Firewall Service

PCCW Global’s Crypteia Managed Firewall Service is an on-premise dedicated firewall deployment. Our solutions also include flexible options such as firewall rental, configuration and maintenance services.

Crypteia Threat Intelligence & Management Service and Security Operations Centres

Branded as your offering, Crypteia TIMS combines real-time network and behavioural analytics and machine learning with enterprise security intelligence to proactively predict, discover and identify network security threats.

Behavioral Analytics Detect Anomalous Activity

Crypteia TIMS is a cloud-based platform that collects, correlates, monitors and mines clients’ behavioural data activity logs produced by their inter-connected network elements, such as firewalls, routers, intrusion detection tools and other security devices, in order to evaluate and report on patterns and behaviour consistent with a potential cyberattack.

Security Operations Centres

Crypteia TIMS incorporates security advisory services delivered through our world-class Security Operations Centres (SOCs).

Cloud-based or On Premises

Depending on your clients’ needs, flexible deployment options enable them to be up and running quickly or the ability to address regulatory or industry requirements.

Crypteia Managed Anti-DDoS Service

Crypteia Managed Anti-DDoS helps prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by routing traffic away from critical infrastructure assets during an attack.

Cloud-based Deployment for Ease of Use

We use cloud-based technology to provide a multi-layered, more robust approach to web site protection

Stay Up and Running Even During an Assault

Detects and prevent threats without inhibiting traffic flow, data availability and uptime

Professional Security Services

PCCW Global’s Professional Security Services provide a broad range of security expertise and service offerings.

Services and Expertise

Our security consultants, researchers and analysts help customers assess their critical network infrastructure, identify essential controls, and implement policies and technologies for achieving and maintaining optimal security posture at cost-effective levels.

Global Coverage

Delivered through our global Security Operations Centres (SOCs) our Professional Security Services include:

  • Implementation assistance and monitoring services
  • Risk assessments
  • Vulnerability / penetration testing services
  • Incident response planning and emergency response services

Service Provider