We deliver high quality, cost-effective Voice Services over our dedicated, globally accessible network offering direct connections to over 300 international operators across Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

International Voice Termination

Multiple global interconnections and a robust IPX/MPLS/IP/TDM network makes PCCW Global the ideal choice for international carriers, mobile operators and retail Service Providers seeking for high quality worldwide voice termination.

Direct Connections to the World’s Leading Carriers

Our capability is served by international and domestic gateway switches, worldwide facilitating resilient and direct connections to leading carriers.

Latest Softswitch and Gateway Technologies

Utilisation of the latest softswitch, session border controller and media gateway technologies means our customers enjoy low cost and network efficiency, from a single connection over our global MPLS network.

Termination via 300 International Operators

We offer guaranteed delivery of premium services, CLI, roaming and fax through direct connections to a growing list of more than 300 carriers and international operators for top-quality termination.

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Global Inbound Services

Our Global Inbound Services connect carrier and operator networks, and enterprise contact centers with the customers in different worldwide locations at minimal setup costs. The GIS services also facilitate geographic expansion into new markets at virtually no additional cost. The GIS services include a number of access options.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) allows directly-dialled international calls to be made from over 125 countries, free of international charges to the callers. Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) allows callers to make calls from over 75 countries with a single unique number.

Local Number Service (LNS) or Direct In-Dialing Service (DID provides additional flexibility by offering network access to callers using local fixed or mobile numbers from over 100 countries.

  • Enables instant service expansion into new markets at virtually no additional cost
  • Enables the service provider to gain perception of “local presence“
  • Eliminates the need to establish multiple direct interconnects worldwide
  • High quality termination
  • Flexible number translation
  • Fast provisioning and implementation
  • In some cases LNS eliminates the call access restrictions of ITFS/UIFN services


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